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Board of Trustees

The Trustees have general supervision over maintenance, use, furnishings and grounds of the Garden Club and, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, formulate rules and regulations for operation of the Garden Club.

Carol Binello                                    Chairman
Jo Lee Houlihan                              President
Betty Anderson                               1st VP

Kathy Stephens                               Treasurer 
Fran Maris                                        Clubhouse Facilities 
DeeDee Whitehead                       Clubhouse Grounds Co-Chairman

Jean Fouraker                                 Clubhouse Grounds Co-Chairman
Lee Kline                                          Clubhouse Rentals Co-Chairman

Maggie Viele                                   Clubhouse Rentals Co-Chairman
Kathy Powell                                   2022-2024   Member at Large
Pauline Schochet                           2021-2023  Member at Large    

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