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Begonia Circle

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Begonia Circle 2021

Lynnette Worley Begonia Chair


Begonia Circle members are women and men who love gardens, gardening and floral design.  Like our botanical namesakes we have great variety in our Circle: some are tall and elegant like the stately cane begonias; some, like the fancy Rex begonias, are fashion plates; some are quiet work-hard types like the wax begonias with a profusion of blooms!


Besides learning more about gardening and design, we volunteer at Wilmot Gardens, assist with service projects of the Gainesville Garden Club, and help maintain the butterfly garden at the clubhouse.  We also help at the Kanapaha Spring Garden Festival and support the gardens at Kanapaha and Westwood Middle Schools.
We often meet in one of our member’s homes to pursue our passion for gardening and design.  Contact our chairman and come visit us, colorful begonias that we are.  We’ll make you feel welcome!  

Let's Garden Together!
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