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Jasmine Circle

Jasmine May 2022.jpg

Jasmine Circle May 2022

Kristy Welch
Jasmine Chair



Established in 1957, the Jasmine Circle aims to accommodate an increasingly diverse garden-lover's schedule! With today's demands, setting time aside to socialize and participate in "non-work" activities can be challenging.  We focus instead on providing a wide range of social and volunteering activities that allow our members more opportunities to come together around their personal schedules!

We are a fun-loving, jovial, and hard-working group that encourages camaraderie, companionship, and creativity in finding ways to help our community find beauty, not only in their gardens, but in their lives. Our circle motto is "Opportunity Awaits!" which certainly speaks to our motivation to find different ways to contribute to the success of the garden club and the beauty of our communities.  


As the largest of the six circles (over 70 members to date!) and being such a diverse crew, our monthly meetings are held in the evening at the clubhouse.  Everything else happens at all times and days of the week/weekend to accommodate schedules!  As you saw on the Community Involvement page, we get involved in a LOT, and if there is something you see that speaks to you, and you are ready to laugh a lot, Jasmine may just be the place for you!

Let's Garden Together!
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