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The Grounds

GGC Entryway Sign
GGC Grounds8
GGC Driveway
GGC Grounds20
GGC Grounds12
GGC Grounds18
Courtyard Archway
Entry Portico
Patio Behind Main Building
Patio Behind Main Building2
GGC Grounds13
GGC Grounds9
Vendor Driveway
Vendor Parking/Drop-off
GGC Grounds3
GGC Grounds4
GGC Grounds5
GGC Grounds1

We have an extensive array of outdoor options available for your event as well!

Patios:  The patio behind the Main Building is large enough to accommodate a moderate sized ceremony or provide the guests with a pleasant outdoor area for socializing before or during your scheduled event. The patio adjacent to the Laura Carmichael Building is a new addition and provides a lovely shaded area to mingle and meander along a garden path with seating.

Courtyard: The courtyard provides ample room for mingling or an outdoor ceremony, depending on the view you wish to capture. 

Lawns: Expansive lawns stretch in various directions providing several options for outdoor events.

Garden Areas:  There are several gardens scattered throughout the area that allow for guests to mingle/wander during breaks.  There are many excellent photography opportunities during various times of the year as well!

Parking: Ample parking is available for any event.

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