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Wildflowers Circle

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Wildflowers Circle September 2021

Claudia Lambert
Wildflowers Chair



Our Story

The Wildflowers Circle was formed in the year 2000 with twelve members.  Two of the twelve are still members of this Circle, Jeanne Bender and Claudia Bates.  The Circle was named in honor of Hazel Simmons Hodges, former FFGC President, who was instrumental in getting Wildflowers recognized through the Paths of Sunshine.  


Founding member, Ina Boyd, wrote our Circle Prayer.  We are a small close-knit group that enjoys learning about flowers, nature, and the environment. Our programs range from Riverboat tours, tours of gardens and nurseries, learning about micro-greens, and assisting nursing home residents in making Christmas mugs for their rooms.  

'23-'24 Programs

September 28

Get Together Luncheon

October 26

History of Hogtown Creek

November 16

White Elephant Sale

December 13

Center Pieces for Park Meadow Health & Rehab Center  *Note day of week change to WED.

January 25

Feeding Your Soil

February 22

Speaker: Dave Conser from the Florida Forest Service

March 28


April 25

Honey Bees

May 9

Wrap Up Luncheon

Let's Garden Together!
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